“Life is a book and there are a thousand pages I have not yet read.” I love History, Books, Game of Thrones, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, Harry Potter, Jane Austen.
Period Dramas are my one true love.


I just have a lot of love for this gif.

King George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II & Tsar Nicholas II


The jokes we didn’t get as children…


They look so beautiful all together. My heart is full of happy. <3

Gramps doesn’t leave me. He slumps back into the chair. It’s quiet now. So quiet you can almost hear other people’s dreams. So quiet that you can almost hear me tell Gramps, “Thank you.

New ‘If I Stay’ clip

water lilies, claude monet.


otps + favorite moments: Anna x Étienne

We are still holding hands. Okay, we should let go. This is the point where it would be normal to let go. Why aren’t we letting go? I force my gaze to the Grand Bassin. He does the same. We’re not watching the boats. His hand is burning, but he doesn’t let go. And then—he scoots closer. Just barely. I glance down and see the back of his shirt has crawled up, exposing a slice of his back. His skin is smooth and pale. It’s the sexiest thing I have ever seen. He shifts again, and my body answers with the same. We’re arm against arm, leg against leg. His hand crushes mine, willing me to look at him. I do. Étienne’s dark eyes search mine.
“What are we doing?”
His voice is strained. He’s so beautiful, so perfect. I’m dizzy. My heart pounds, my pulse races. I tilt my face toward his, and he answers with an identical slow tilt toward mine. He closes his eyes. Our lips brush lightly.